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DIY Painted Rustic Sign

Rustic Sign

Almost two years ago, I bought a vinyl sign cutter. I used it to cut vehicle signs mainly. A couple of months before I sold the cutter, I cut out a couple of quotes for my friend to help with her decor.  Throughout the time after cutting out the quote, I decided I wanted to make a rustic sign for her new home. Read More »


Today, I hit a rough spot at my job. All the little things that happened seemed more awful and bigger then they were. Usually the long drive home helps me cool down from a long day at the office. It was not the case today. After some quiet, thinking time outside, I reminded my self of what inspires me.

At the risk of sounding crazy, my dog and horses are one of the biggest influences on my inspiration and drive. Just the thought of being able to come home to a smiling dog and horses that whinny as you walk to the house, serious brightens my day. They remind me that the little things at home are more important then the stress at work.

The other big inspirations in my life is my family. For example my husband, he pushes me when I need it. Scott supported me and pushed me to start this blog because blogging put all of my favorite things into one. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be writing right now. As for my parents, they are the only people I know that can run two businesses and at the end of the day talk and talk without a care in the world!

I really think that everyone needs to take a couple of minutes and remind themselves of what their inspirations are.


Pin Up – Spring is Here!

Pin Up


Bardot biker jacket
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Gucci red platform heels
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Juicy Couture knot jewelry
Hi All! Its been very busy at the household of Moffatt. The last two weekends have been filled with work, work and more work. I just wanted to share something quick before I try to recover from working all day yesterday. We did have time to do a little clothing shopping, which is why I posted this. I am in the spring, car show, dress kind of mood.

No Condensed Soup – Tater Tot Casserole


Spring is almost here at the Moffatt household. I am very ready to start planting my garden! (Which I have said so many time already :)) We are getting really busy with all the things that are coming up to do. Since the ice storm we had, there is alot of cleaning up that we have to do around the yard. I am glad that I have found time to write quick.  Read More »

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